I lost one edition of my National Geographic Explorer magazines; the one contained the article ‘Search for Sacagawea’ which lately has been one of my translating tasks. I’ve been looking for it everywhere in this room. The three shelves, in my bags, under the screen desk, among the newspapers and the ‘Time’ magazines, between my music books, under the pillows; it was nowhere to be found. I sat a while and thought where it might be. I might have left it somewhere outside this room includes callbox. If that’s the fact I supposed it has been missing for days and ironically just got in to my mind this time. Assume it is a person; he must have died before I realized he’s missing. Probably he fell into a deep river and there was nobody to ask for help, and sadly he couldn’t swim at all. The end of the story unless, a magic comes. Well, before it ‘died’ I looked for it again. Just checking whether I missed one hidden place where it might hide itself. Again, it’s not there…here in my room. When it’s nowhere to be found, I come to realize how precious it is to me.

Then I think of many other things that perhaps, out of my conscious, have been misplaced or I should say ‘missing’. My earrings, a pink plate from mom, my tattered purple short pants mom gave five years ago, a spoon that sketched ‘vina’ on its handle (my mom also made it), a simple ring my Fred gave in 2002 as Christmas presents, a small beetle with snow and balls inside from dad seven years ago, an old yellow baby-cup I used to have that grandma kept for twenty years. They were simple, so simple that nothing in this world could ever replace them because they are precious. Where they might be? Each of them was just vanished with no early warning. Wait! I thought and I thought again, I guess things are not disappeared if they are still wanted and kept. They are just like human, chances, time, love and passion.
A person doesn’t pick love, love picks a person, and it is true. But the choices are ours, to take it or to leave it. But you know what? We don’t really have choice when it comes to love because no matter how hard we try to hide, once it picks us we can never hide and run away because it stays in our pure piece of living, our heart. I think of many things that perhaps, in our conscious, have been misplaced. Person who loves you for you, chances surrounds us for doing great things, time that keeps us balance, and passions that burst us alive. Those are also simple but they can never be measured by anything. They are as lighter as the air if we let them work within us. But they are as heavy as the mountain if we try to push them away for our self-esteem. Somehow, they can be so energizing. One thing I believe is that they never stop working within us. And for that, they are precious.
When love, passion, chances, hopes, and time pick you as place to live in; that’s because you are precious. And the fact that you let them in and paint your world with beautiful colors; that’s the precious moment when you believe that you are precious. Knowing that you are precious, let your beloved people know that they are your preciousness, they are wanted and they are worth fighting for. Trust me, they will never disappear and the last thing they want to do is saying goodbye.
That’s how The Precious made the earth. [V]
Written on Sunday, February 11, 2007 at 11:54 pm

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