Connect – recall…reborn!!!
January 29, 2008 9:48:37 PM Wita

Just a few days more, here I am 30 days in Manado. Nothing odds feelings so far but that is why I take a little time to worry… Okay, guess I may have made it sound bad. I’m just trying to get out from the deep of rabbit hair, just so my life will not as plain as Lily’s soup yesterday in Formosa… J

The thing is I do not find any word refers to ‘worry’ in my life journey. A friend took me to a party when all I got in my pocket was the only fifteen hundred rupiahs. Soo… there must be a punctual definition of this ‘worry’. My former lecturer will nod firmly if someone describes my disability in giving definition. By that, this might help you channeling to the meaning of ‘worry’ I bring to surface.

Medic says human’s body needs adjustment or self-tuning throughout different weather, places, circumstances, and food. Weather; is something I should not worry about. Manado is kind of hot area and I got used to it in Semarang as everybody knows as the hottest place ever. Places; how I love visiting different places maybe has not as much as everybody else done yet, but it is sucking me up every switching days – and Manado is one of the best places to be sucked in the unknown. Talking about adjusting on circumstances is as relative as you might set yourself, don’t you think? I find geen problema so far. Moreover, food; not everybody’s stomach fit with chilly or certain foods contain pepper. This part really makes people need time to adjust until it becomes normal or so. Me?? I gotta say started this month is the best desire for food I have ever experienced since I was in college. Perhaps, the almost the same taste with my original or it just goes well with my tongue. That simple!

But then, those smooth and flat things got me think lately. Is it really that I have settled here? If it is, don’t you think it is too fast? Or maybe the opposite, I am just playing I am okay while probably there is something hidden behind my dark skin; a real dark secret I don’t wanna show on my face because I do know it’ll not help any part of the whole me with my new adjustments – which is good psychology says. Well, let’s say both of them can be still worked out. There is something worse that probably happens thorough every cell of me; they die! My blood, my brain, my heart, my finger, even my rectum – they stop working that is why everything seems to be okay with my feeling. They have sent nothing to feel! They stop connecting!

Uh… guess I have thought too much. It’s just, hmm, I don’t want live a humanitarian work while my heart, my brain, and my body going in reverse. You know what I mean?

Perhaps, each of us needs adjustment, not only when facing something new but every single day to keep us alive. Alike connecting to internet; every time we connect the cable it needs synchronizing to recall its past chores then we can make any other new or old activities.

Hmm… I need coffee 😉


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