Gali Lebih Dalam, Sayang…

“It’s funny…on the outside I was an honest man. I’ve got to get into the prison to be a crook” Tim Robbins – Shawsank Redemption

I was in desperate looking for motivation and inspiration last week. I know you’ll say,” Why don’t you look inside?” Well… I have! But apparently, it only stayed no longer than an hour. I needed something more…ironic and intriguingly!

I usually get inspiration easily just by watching inspirational movie. But defining ‘inspirational movie’ would be relative, wouldn’t it?

So I chose Shawsank Redemption. It fitted my needs: ironic and intriguingly! And it was the fourth times I’ve been watching it.

Sahwsank Redemption tells about the nature of human being to survive and feel normal even in worst situation without losing his idealism. Tim Robbins played Andy Dufresne marvelously, a banker who is convicted to murder his wife. He is innocent just like others sent to Shawsank. “The lawyer fucks me!” These are common words among prisoners when a new fish asks how they got into Shawsank. But the truth is; only the guilty are sent to Shawsank.

Andi, knowing that he is innocent – it reveals in the end of the movie that someone freak killed his wife – has had a big plan for his own life since the day he steps in Shawsank.

To my desperation looking for inspiration of getting the best out of me, I found myself taking notes on what Andy has been doing to make his almost twenty-years-of-innocent-in-prison meaningful..or I should say…normal!

• Having a hope; being stuck in jail for something he’s not committed doesn’t make Andy lose hope. He brings up hope surround his friends who refuse to have it just because it will hurt more. “Music is in here (he points at his head) and here (and points his heart)… They cannot steal it from you. Hope…”

• Keeping his faith and values he believes in and not being institusionalized.

•Making the best out of his ability and being consistent; he helps the prison guards with their financial and tax payment.

• Having guts to take the risk; when offering help to the guards, sending the Board letters asking for fund to the library every week , escaping the prison into his freedom, breaking out the conspiracy and coruption in prison.

I should say… if I ever met someone like that in real life, surely I would just need to ask him as a friend of mine in face book 🙂

Anyway… I certainly got what I expected to have by watching it. For someone who thinks that his ability isn’t really well applicable lately due to unsupportive condition and place, that movie would be a prefecto choice.

Yet…outside spur will never last. It’s always best to dig inside…deeper and deeper! Won’t you agree with me?


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