a brand new day (ups! this isn’t Sting’s song!)

So…this is it!

Our life starts here, right now!

Of course there is always a turning back – back to my super cozy and fresh town. But at my age now – which most people say ‘in the very productive phase of a human being’ – I’d rather choose jumping in a crowded city where ideas crowd my mind then crawls through my nerve. Chasing me with the same questions ‘are you going to write? and hellooo…this city has been posing to be photographed by you! Wake up!’

It’s been two months and a half since we left our small, and again, super cozy town. Two struggling months. But it was a lot easier since we got a helping hand from my brother and sister in law. They allowed us to stay in their home while searching for job. You know, being Indonesian is a privilege. In some other countries, it’s not common that you find people who just let you stay in their house – for two months and more – even though it’s your family. People needs privacy.

And for me, it was not easy though. You don’t want to mess things up especially when everything have always been going well with you and the rest of your family. It’s not a secret anymore, living in very close distance to one of your relatives is sensitive to conflict. So, you have to manage things in a good way. Fortunately, we were fine. That’s why I’m very thankful to my brother and sister in law for having us there for almost three months. Words would never enough.

So, this is it!

We moved to our  new home. It is small. Home to much more ideas and creativity. In the morning, my little daughter enlightens this small house with her humming on the song  ‘…Yesus angkat cengengku dan buat ke laut…byuuurr…’. It takes 3 minutes for my husband to his office, and me…ah, don’t even think about it. Yeah, it is small. It fits the three of us.

So, this is it!

I’m still young. On the rising. I’m not going to turn back. Not now. I have a city to befriend with. Will you join me in the adventure and fight with me when the obstacles challenge me?

written on the day we moved to Tebet – it’s on June 15th, I think 🙂



2 thoughts on “a brand new day (ups! this isn’t Sting’s song!)

  1. So, Vina tinggalin kota yang dulu dan ke jakarta utk kerja or mau mujudkan mimpi apa? agak sedikit bingung. Sunggul


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