I don’t know about you, but talking about #Balige always gets me lost.
Lost in word…in time…in memory.

I’ve encountered that ‘problem’ since I was in college. Being away from Balige had opened my eyes about its beauty. Of course, that thought and new insight came from a comparison with other places I visited while studying in Jogjakarta. You may say ‘been there, Vin’… But when it comes to write about it, I get lost. Couldn’t start any word, just lost in memory and time. Ah, wait wait. I see you almost get lost as well. Let me tell a bit about #Balige

Balige is a town in North Sumatra province. It became the capital of Toba Samosir Regency since the year 2000, just few months after I left for college in Jogjakarta. It’s about 240 km from Medan. Yeap! That far from the biggest city in Sumatra Island. It takes around 4 to 5 hours from Medan to Balige by car. It maybe longer using public transportation, you know the stopping-by at every station. We use to make joke that someone will arrive sooner in Jakarta from Medan than those who travel to Balige despite Jakarta is farther, in fact in different island. Thanks to the increasing development, now you can just take flight from Medan to Silangit, with smaller aircraft of course :D. Silangit is about 30 minutes from Balige heading to Siborongborong. Now, most people are confused with the fact that this airport is brand new. Not exactly, it was first built in the era of Japan colonial in Indonesia. We’ll discuss it later. See, I’m in a mission to introduce Balige, especially the heart of the town, to the world 😛
See, I just started, but I’m lost already…this pictures of Balige crowd my mind. I need to restructure them, which goes first. Is it the old church built by Ludwig Ingwer Nommensen? Or maybe the traditional market? Probably the lake, yeap, Toba Lake happens to be there.
Ah…I’m gonna take a break.

Jalan raya Balige, next to Traditional Market with genuine house symbol
Jalan raya Balige, next to Traditional Market with genuine house symbol

taken from wikipedia…psst, my house is on the other side of the market